New Forest Energy was established in 2009 with support from DECC through the RDPE Bio-energy Infrastructure Scheme. The company is an example of a woodfuel producer group owned by local timber growers with over 500 hectares of woodland in the New Forest and Anglesey.

New Forest Energy offers a range of services to a diverse portfolio of clients. Please click on a link below to find out more…..



1. Woodfuel

NFE has a network of Woodsure+ accredited woodfuel hubs in Southern England and North Wales, selling woodchip and pellet to a range of customers including prisons, schools, universities, museums, hotels, community centres and country houses.

NFE’s core product is consistent, high quality, BSL approved woodchip, which is why we only ever use virgin roundwood timber to produce our woodchip.  It is possible to blend in cheaper products to the chip, such as recycled wood or arboricultural woodchip, but this can lead to reduced calorific value, inconsistent combustion, increased wear and tear on the boiler and fuel contamination leading to unnecessary downtime and reduced RHI income for the customer.

All our timber comes from sustainably managed woodlands and we are able to demonstrate full chain of custody, with all timber traceable back to its source.



All woodchip produced by NFE is registered and approved on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL), which is now an essential criteria for any RHI accredited boiler. To ensure the woodchip quality is consistently high, we have all out supply hubs independently audited by Woodsure every year. NFE are able to offer multi-year woodfuel supply contracts at fixed prices thanks to the security of supply offered by our own woodlands as well as the long-standing relationships with other local forest owners which helps to underpin the security of our supply.

Woodchip is sold in a number of different units including weight, volume and energy content. NFE sell fuel by the cubic metre at specified moisture content as this is the most consistent unit, but we will always give an indication of other units in quotations.

Delivery can be anywhere from 1m3 bagged woodchip to 30-40m3 tipped and blown loads, right up to 90m3 walking floor deliveries. The delivery method is one of the most important

factors when installing a woodchip boiler and NFE are always happy to provide a free site visit to ensure the best solution is specified before installation.

NFE can offer a range of different woodchip products that are regularly tested by Woodsure against the following standards:

The Austrian Institute’s standard ONORM M7 133

Particle Size – G30 & G50

Moisture Content – W25, W30, W35 & W40

The European Standard BS EN 14961 – Part 4: 2011

Particle Size – P16, P31.5, P45 & P63

Moisture Content – M20, M25, M30, M35, M40

Our standard stock is in bold. Further information on woodfuel standards can be found on the Biomass Energy Centre’s website.


2. Pellet

NFE can offer premium 6mm ENplus A1 wood pellets from 100% virgin softwood grown and produced in the UK.

NFE carry a large stock of 10kg-bagged pellet, sold on 1 tonne pallets available for collection or delivery, or we can arrange for larger bulk blown deliveries.

Please contact the office for more information and quotations.


3. Chipping

NFE owns and operates a Heizohack (HM8-500K) chipper that is capable of producing G30 & G50 woodchip. The chipper is ideal for self-suppliers who have smaller batches of timber to chip in a day. If you are looking to chip under 500m3 in a day, then the cost per cubic metre will be significantly less with this machine when compared to the large, high through-put chippers.


4. Forestry

New Forest Energy manages woodland for a number of landowners in Southern England and North Wales.

NFE are involved in all aspects of forest management from woodland creation right the way through to harvesting, marketing and processing timber.

We are able to offer the woodland owners in our management group a premium price for chipwood processed in our fuel hubs, but will never divert higher value timber from other industries such as sawmills and firewood merchants.


5. Asset Management

NFE Asset Management has a varied portfolio of assets currently under management including biomass boilers, domestic and commercial solar PV and wind turbines.

The team will log in to and monitor all the assets daily to ensure their performance is as efficient as possible and make sure all problems are dealt with as swiftly as possible. Full management reports are provided every calendar month, with detailed financial appraisals sent on a quarterly basis.

For more information contact us at

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Barney Banfield

Hinton Chip Hub - Manager