We do not provide domestic or commercial solar pv installations or advice.

NFE has been operating in the UK Solar Photovoltaic (‘PV’) market since the start of the Feed-in-Tariffs in 2011. We have experience in the project management, installation and on-going management from 2.5kW domestic roof top to 90 acre, 18 Megawatt Solar Farms. We specialise in three main areas:


Project Management:

NFE has a strong track record in taking Power and Heat generating assets from concept, through the design and development phase to delivered, built and generating projects with Ofgem accreditations. The process includes:

  • Planning (including discharging conditions)
  • Grid connection negotiations
  • ICP tendering and contract management
  • EPC tendering and contract management
  • Design process
  • Procurement
  • TA Management (including PAC and FAC process with EPC)
  • Legal works


Asset Management:

NFE currently has £13 million of solar assets under management and has been operating in this space since 2012. We look to offer the complete service package to our customers including:

  • Company Secretarial Duties
  • Management of the Operation and Maintenance (‘O&M’) contracts
  • High voltage – Senior Authorised Person (‘SAP’) services
  • Performance analysis and management reporting
  • Monthly management accounts
  • Year-end financial reporting
  • Liaising with statutory Auditors and preparation of financial statements
  • Tendering and contract management of:
    • Insurance
    • O&M
    • Power Purchase Agreement – (‘PPA’)
  • Monthly reporting to Ofgem for ROC and FIT
  • Quarterly VAT returns
  • Health and Safety review and audit management
  • Updating Asset owners of the market changes relevant top these assets
  • Ground care – Hedges, grazing/ grass cutting and fence line weed


Performance Optimisation:

NFE understands that, for our clients, it is crucial that their assets are performing as well as they can, given the resources available. This comes down to more than simply monitoring the Performance Ratio (‘PR’), but involves a fundamental and continuous activity to try and sweat the asset as far as possible. Some of the techniques used in this area include:

  • Analysis on optimised tilt angle
  • Continuous analysis of shading losses – trees/ foliage
  • Soiling loss calculation
  • Temperatur related losses
  • Infrared ‘hot-spot’ monitoring
  • Analysis of:
    • Transformer losses
    • Inverter efficiencies
    • Mismatch Losses
    • PID

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