Who we are?

New Forest Energy specialises in a variety of renewable energy technologies. Linking this together is the belief that we should start to look to supply our energy needs locally in order to reduce reliance on overseas supplies and to reduce the cost burden as much as possible.

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George W Meyrick

Executive Chairman

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Executive Chairman: George has been a leading climate change lawyer and founder of New Forest Energy. He practised as a lawyer at Clifford Chance and at the London Planning and Environment Bar. George holds a Masters degree in Public International Law and has published a number of articles with leading market journals Environment Finance and Carbon Finance. In addition to his involvement in NFE, George also chairs two rural estates in Anglesey and the New Forest and an urban estate in Bournemouth which primarily focus on real estate and agriculture.

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Dan Kinash

Head of Forestry and Biomass

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Yulia Nakarmi

Head of Accounts

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Ken Banfield

Boiler Continuity and Product Control Manager

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Barney Banfield

Hinton Chip Hub - Manager

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Lynsey Pringle